Enpro's patented Flow Access Module (FAM) enables maximum ultimate recovery from subsea wells.

FAM creates an enhanced production 'USB port' within the jumper envelope, enabling the use of standard Xmas Trees and Manifolds, with the FAM providing life of field flexibility within the system design…

Delivering 'Smart Standardization' and ability to fast track field development and deliver first oil faster.

Flow Access Module technology fully aligns with the industry driven strategic approach to fast track, capital efficient subsea tiebacks.

FAM enables a range of enhanced production options including metering, flow assurance, data acquisition, hydraulic intervention and fluid sampling, allowing the Operator to adapt the technology within the FAM to suit the needs of the reservoir.

  • Differentiated subsea field development solution
  • Faster, lower cost tiebacks, delivering early first oil
  • Enhance functionality of Stock/Standard hardware
  • USB for technology deployment independent of OEM
  • Future Proof, provides Life of Field flexibility
  • Minimise XT footprint for drill rig flexibility

Project 1: Gulf of Mexico

  • 3.2km fast track tieback using existing stock tree
  • No modifications to existing installed manifold
  • Different OEM connector type at either end of tieback Jumper
  • Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM)
  • Water Cut Meter
  • Acoustic Sand Detector
  • Flow Assurance Valve
  • Chemical Injection
  • PT Sensors

Project 2: West Africa

  • MPFM technologies retrievable independently of rigid Jumpers
  • Defer CAPEX costs
  • Simplify Jumper fabrication and installation
  • 10x Dual Bore FAM Hubs on Production Jumpers
  • 5x Single Bore FAM Hubs on Injection Jumpers
  • Brown & Green field

Project 3: Gulf of Mexico

  • Simplifies previous jumper design, removing fatigue concerns
  • MPFM retrievable independently of Jumper
  • Standard Hub design for 10k & 15k jumpers (future proof)
  • 13x FAM with MPM Meters
  • 10k & 15k Modules
  • Manifold Location

Project 4: Gulf of Mexico

  • MPFM retrievable independently of rigid Jumpers
  • Simplify jumper and remove fatigue concerns
  • Flexibility to incorporate latest MPFM model & legacy MPFM types
  • 2x FAM with MPM Meters
  • 15k Modules
  • PLET Location